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Mastering Sensory Super-Parents System

Are you Ready to be Equipped and Empowered to Handle Sensory Issues for Life?

"We are starting to make real progress and I love seeing my daughter starting to understand it all herself. Meeting you has really marked a major turning point for our family." K.M,

Transform how you see behaviours, cope with situations, and handle your loved ones.


Hi, I'm Anne Laure Jackson, Advanced Practitioner in Sensory Integration, and Sensory Health Coach.


I would love to work with you and help you become the master and sensory expert in your own situation.


Have you ever said?:



"stop licking the cat...put your brother down!"

"Just one bite?"

"I'm exhausted. I wish he could sleep without me."

"I have to wash the clothes 10 times before she'll wear them"

"She's so stubborn and controlling"

"He's always dropping and bumping into things."


Want to be sure M-SITS is for you?



Learn how to stop the frustration, aggression, meltdowns or clumsiness!


"I just can't get over how doing purely sensory activities can produce such profound effects in his sense of self and ability to regulate himself!" J.D

Learn how to be sensory healthy for life.

"We have definitely seen an improvement in sleep since we started the course - and in mealtimes!" R.C.

Before and After...

"We would all like to send a huge thank you for all our new equipment, it is a huge benefit to all our class. It is already making a huge difference to their well-being." L.L.

Module 1

Understanding Sensory Issues

Learn what sensory issues are, how to identify them and describe how they affect behaviour, attention, self-control, emotional regulation, coordination, handwriting, eating, sleeping, and relationships.

Module 2

Managing Sensory Issues

Learn what to do with a sensory need once you see it. Learn ways to change behaviour, manage situations and really begin enjoying relationships.

Module 3

Everyday life skills and adapting environments

Celebrate gains and apply your knowledge to everyday skills and how to create sensory healthy environments

Module 4

Is it Sensory, Behaviour or a Heart issue?

Work through the tangle of what conduct looks like in all three areas and have the skills to address each of them.

Module 5

Sensory Diets and Self-regulation

Learn the ins and outs of a super sensory healthy diet and learn strategies to stop meltdowns, outbursts, sleepless nights, stubborn behaviours and keep calm and regulated. 

Module 6

Motor control, emotional regulation and coaching videos

Find the coaching videos for exercises and coordination, make sure you're confident in the areas covered and tweak, refine, adapt and plan ahead for a super sensory healthy future!

More Modules....

Handwriting with Ease Course. Stress-Free Mealtimes.

Be guided through how to look at handwriting and assess your own child's needs, struggles and have ways to turn it all around to write with ease!  

Remove the stress involved with picky eating and develop relaxed, healthy and happy times around the table.

Prefer a 1:1 or Group Service?

Scholarships are available for group services.

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  • Follow a tried and tested success filled program - through weekly emails.
  • Video content, handouts, worksheets and downloads designed to teach and empower you to understand, manage, problem solve and celebrate sensory processing issues!
  • Time in between modules to reflect, talk, and put plans into action.
  • Zoom every week / fortnightly / monthly, to work through the program.
  • 24/7 private community group.
  • Amazon sensory store.







"I’m just starting my sensory journey so I’m having a lot of ‘ah ha’ moments. Love it." L.S. 

"M is really blossoming in so many areas. You have played such a key role in helping us steer that path we needed to so that could happen and give us that confidence.”

"Anne has been very kind and supportive helping our 6 year boy who has poor co ordination and balance. We have already seen a big improvement. She is very approachable and we couldn’t be happier with her support. "


This is for you if:

  • you are committed to finding 1 hour a week to work on the advice and training. 

  • you want to know what to do, when to do it, why you are doing it, and how!

  • you know this is one aspect of your life, and you want to master it once and for good.

This is not for you if:

  • you won't be able to find an hour a week to work on the advice and training.  

  • you are hoping for someone who will make the changes for you rather than with you.

  • you expect it will solve all difficulties and issues.

"Thank you so much. All you have said is a complete relief :)

I feel like I'm not going crazy after all... you give me a lot of hope." B.P.

Options - For Home, Schools, Organisations.

Book a zoom call or ring 07700 741777 for more info.

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