Sensory Children Need Sensory Super-Grandparents!

Be Supported, Valued, and Equipped - Online.

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"Don't touch that... leave the cat alone... put your brother down!"

"Stop licking me... Stop eating your shirt!"

"I'm exhausted and don't know what to do for the best!"

"Come down from there!"

"Why are your trousers on backwards?"

"Just one bite - just try it!"

"You can't run around the house naked!"


Transform how you see behaviours, cope with situations, and handle your loved ones.


Anne Laure, OT, Advanced Practitioner in Sensory Integration, home schooling mum, and Sensory Health Coach, would love to work with you and equip you to become a master and expert in your own family's sensory needs and become a Sensory Super-Grandparent. 


Stop the frustration, confusion, aggression, stress, and meltdowns!

Feel lost where to start?

Dread mealtimes and family visits?

Want to stop guessing what's wrong and running round in circles?

Are you walking round the house on egg-shells?

Is handwriting or homework a battle zone?


Learn how to support your grandchildren to live in sensory health:

Have activities your grandchild will be asking for.

Conquer challenging behaviours calmly and effectively.

Help them succeed more and be less frustrated with life.

"Can I just say how thankful and blessed I feel to be part of the programme. We are starting to make real progress. Meeting you has really marked a major turning point for our family" K. M.


  • We'll follow a tried and tested success filled program - minimum 6 months - ideally a year.

  • Weekly video content emailed out, handouts, worksheets and downloads designed to teach and help you to understand, manage, problem solve and celebrate sensory processing issues!

  • Time in between modules to reflect, talk, and put plans into action. 

  • Private community online group for 24/7 support.

What Will We Cover in the Sensory Super System?

"It gives you lots of tools to help identify things that are going on and tiny steps to follow to put them right. I think the course is a great encourager. It was taught in a very gentle manner so we were able to feel safe to share stories." N.B.

Understanding Sensory Issues

Learn what sensory issues are, how to identify them and describe how they affect behaviour, attention, self-control, emotional regulation, coordination, handwriting, eating, sleeping, and relationships. Discover your grandchild's super sensory thumbprint.

Managing Sensory Issues

Learn what to do with a sensory need once you see it. Learn ways to change behaviour, manage situations and really begin enjoying super relationships.

Everyday Life

Apply knowledge to everyday life - better handwriting, enjoying birthdays, tolerating haircuts, etc and how to adapt and create sensory healthy environments to support that.

Is it Sensory, Behaviour or a Heart Issue?

Untangle the thorny spiral of unacceptable, challenging, or even just odd behaviour by using a system to work through which conduct has a sensory base, a behaviour base or character issue behind it. 

Sensory Diets and Self-Regulation

Learn the ins and outs of a super sensory healthy diet and learn strategies to stop meltdowns, outbursts, sleepless nights, stubborn behaviours and keep calm and regulated. 

Motor Control, and Support Videos

Video section and articles to support you - "how to", tips and tricks to help coordination, everyday living, and sensory health. Be confident in the areas covered and look to a sensory healthy future.


Stress-Free Mealtimes + Lots More!

Gentle but effective ways to have fun, relaxed, healthy times around the table. Reduce stress, increase healthy food intake and develop your child's internal motivation to eat more foods.

"We have struggled with our daughter's eating since she was born. We have been to dieticians, speech and language therapists, other occupational therapists, the feeding clinic at the hospital, and had assessments by CAHMS. But this is the first time I feel anyone has fully understood our situation and offered anything specific to my daughter's needs. I feel so positive that for the first time we are helping her in an effective and lasting way. I cannot say how much we have appreciated Stress-Free mealtimes and Anne Laure's expertise, care and support along the way. 






Before and After:

This is for you if:

  • You are committed to finding 1 hour a week to make the most of the advice, training and support. 

  • You want to know what to do, when to do it, why you are doing it, and how!

  • You know this is one aspect that you want to understand so you can be the best support for your family.

This is not for you if:

  • You won't be able to find an hour a week to work on the advice and training.  

  • You are hoping someone will make the changes for you rather than with you.

  • You expect it will solve all difficulties and problems.

Wondering how Occupational Therapy can be done online?

"When I first linked up with Anne Laure I didn’t actually realise she was in Jersey, but the distance didn’t hinder her ability to equip and resource us as a family to tune in to our boys’ requirements and help us all flourish. 

Simply, Anne Laure is fantastic­čśŐ"

(R. Arnold)

"Thank you so much. All you have said is a complete relief :)

I feel like I'm not going crazy after all... you give me a lot of hope." B.P.



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