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Are You Struggling With ...

  • breaking things, dropping things, bumping into things?
  • doing buttons, zips, laces, handwriting, using cutlery? 
  • hairwashing, haircutting, tags in clothes, toothbrushing?
  • fidgeting, chewing, mouthing and licking everything?
  • tolerating daily noise, sights, and smells? 
  • being able to catch a ball, kick a ball, use a bat and ball, ride a bike?
  • slouching, poor balance or can't stand on one leg?
  • planning new sequences of movement such as learning to drive?


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Once we have identified we are a good fit for each other, there are various assessment and treatment options.


Assessment and treatment options include:

Screening to premium assessments.

Packages of pre-paid 6 sessions.

One off "pay as you go" sessions.

Out of therapy centre visits - home, club, school, work.

Phone or zoom consultations.


Goals are set at the beginning of our time and so therapy can stop within a few weeks or a few years depending on how often those goals are reached and new ones set.

You decide when therapy ends and when you are happy with what we have accomplished. 

Frequently Asked Questions

I work with all ages from babies to retirees. The treatment approaches change but the end results of independence, feeling good and being able to cope with life better, are aims for all ages! The therapy centre is geared towards children and young people but I do home visits or work consultations with adults and older people.

I work 6 days a week - Monday to Saturday. All available appointments are in the online booking system scheduler. I work between 8am and 10pm depending on need.  Please contact me if you are looking for something that isn't in the scheduler!

All payments are done online at the time of booking - either by credit card or by paypal. 

All diagnosis can get in the way of life so I help all and no conditions. All people have sensory issues - it just depends how much they get in the way of life. If something is stopping you do a task or something that you want or need to do, then please get in touch.

To know more about sensory issues -

DOWNLOAD the FREE sensory guides from infant to adult

What is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational Therapists (OTs) are involved with developing the skills needed for the job of living.  
A specific condition or sensory and motor planning issues can affect these areas. We're trained in neurology, anatomy, physiology, human development, psychology, psycho social development, activity-task analysis and therapeutic techniques.
An OT will assess a child or adult and his/her environment and assess any task they have difficulty doing and break it down into smaller parts. The specific areas of difficulty are identified and ways of treating or working with these difficulties are put in place.
In treatment, we use activities that are meaningful to the individual, or adapt the environment in order for them to function to their potential. It's a beautiful and powerful therapy for enabling children and adults to gain the skills they need to meet the challenges of life.
The main areas that I address are fine and gross motor skills, sensory processing issues, attention difficulties, coordination and motor planning and how they impact on daily life.

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