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Frequently Asked Questions

Due to the significant changes and success families and individuals are able to make through this specialist online support, we are continuing with this way of working together, so the foreseeable future - yes!

I work with all ages from babies to retirees. The treatment approaches change but the end results of independence, feeling good and being able to cope with life better, are aims for all ages! 

All payments are done online at the time of booking - either by credit card or by paypal. 

All diagnosis can get in the way of life so I help all and no conditions. All people have sensory issues - it just depends how much they get in the way of life. If something is stopping you do a task or something that you want or need to do, then please get in touch.

I most commonly work with those with ASD, DCD, ADHD, anxiety, clumsiness, poor self-esteem.

No, although I love to work with families, I also come alongside and train teachers, carers, grandparents and anyone else who would like to learn to manage sensory issues and make life better for others.


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