Thank you for wanting to know a little bit more, so here we are:


Work Life

I have a BSc Degree with Distinction in Occupational Therapy, and have worked in Europe and throughout the UK. I'm an international conference speaker and have a Postgraduate Diploma in Sensory Integration with Commendation. I'm a clinical specialist - an Advanced Practitioner in Sensory Integration, (Ayres SI Therapist); an online mentor for OT's around the world and e-mentor for the Sensory Integration Education Global Network. I work in three main areas:
  • With children¬†who¬†are not performing to their potential, or with parents and family members who would value extra support.
  • With¬†adults that¬†would appreciate knowing their own sensory processing patterns and learning how to manage them best.¬†
  • As a training resource and consultant for those in education, clubs, and business.


Home Life

I love home educating our three children, so I understand the complexities and joys of both parenting and teaching. I love to help people relax into parenting and enjoy it for all it's worth. My husband has Multiple Sclerosis so I know the pressures of dealing with long term situations and how we need to dig deep to enjoy life and even to cope with life sometimes. I also love singing, but that's another story!


Anti-Discrimination Practice

I love to work with people of all ages, faiths, disabilities, gender, colours, nationalities, creeds and any other differences we might find amongst ourselves. We are all created uniquely, individually, and everyone one of us matters!


What is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational Therapists (OT's) are involved with developing the skills needed for the job of living.  
A specific condition or sensory and motor planning issues can affect these areas. We're trained in neurology, anatomy, physiology, human development, psychology, psycho social development, activity-task analysis and therapeutic techniques.
An OT will assess a child or adult and his/her environment and assess any task they have difficulty doing and break it down into smaller parts. The specific areas of difficulty are identified and ways of treating or working with these difficulties are put in place.
In treatment, we use activities that are meaningful to the individual, or adapt the environment in order for them to function to their potential. It's a beautiful and powerful therapy for enabling children and adults to gain the skills they need to meet the challenges of life.
The main areas that I address are fine and gross motor skills, sensory processing issues, attention difficulties, coordination and motor planning and how they impact on daily life.