Mastery Sensory Super Systems

So what exactly is the Sensory Super System?



Sensory Super System - For Parents

Proven success system to equip and empower you to be a master and expert of your own child's sensory needs. Handwriting with Ease. Stress-Free Mealtimes. Self-Regulation. Sensory diets. Management techniques. No more searching for answers. No more running round in circles. Answers. Support. Community.

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Sensory Super System - for Adults

Become a sensory super-adult by mastering your own sensory needs. Proven system to equip and empower you in all things sensory. Work better. Be more productive. Live better. Have closer relationships. Know how to take control of your environment to suit your sensory thumbprint and thrive!

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Sensory Super System - for Education

Become a sensory super-teacher, teaching assistant, early years practitioner, college or lecturer, skilfully adjusting to your students sensory thumbprints to help them learn and succeed. From nursery to adult education, our students still have sensory needs and will achieve more when these are understood and supported.

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